Shunde OCT Harbour Plus

Shunde OCT Harbour Plus

TimeSep. 2019

Service ContentDetailed design and construction of special effect systems for outer decoration, water spray, spray and fire.

The Shunde OCT Theme Park project is composed of two major parts, Happy Carnival and Water Park. It is a new generation city-level boutique theme park developed by OCT in the center of the third-tier city. The total area of the project is about 140,000 square meters, of which Happy Valley Carnival covers about 70,000 square meters (including the central green area of about 35,000 square meters), and the water park covers 70,000 square meters. Unite Art undertook to build the theme work of Haishen Mountain, including Shell Mountain, Shark Head Stage, Jellyfish Wave Pool, Children's Slide, Stage Corridor.

Unite Art adopted 3D stereo modeling and 3D printing technology to design, build and operate the project. The management of data helped to integrate the building space geometric information, building space function information, and main concrete structure, secondary steel structure, external shape, water spray equipment, lighting and other professional relevant data.The advantage of 3D printing technology is visualization that realizes the simulation of the entire construction in advance. Any unreasonable design can be changed in time. It will greatly reduce rework and cost as well as speeding up and ensuring progress.

Various types of theme construction were required in this project, including GRC, TCP artificial wood and stone, wrought iron steel structure, stainless steel forging, FRP sign sculpture, texture coating, fire spray, water spray, waterfall special effects, etc. It brings visitors a new entertainment experience from all aspects of sight, hearing, touch and feeling to provide them with the best, safest, most thoughtful and memorable new holiday entertainment experience.
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