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Communication in the early stage to learn the demand of clients. Market research of feasibility study, project investment profitability, local preference and design intention. 

Interior Design

Comprehensive design and service system, with innovative interior decoration concept design as the core, customize for the project. Also, we integrates excellent design resources and exports popular decorative products. 

A. Interior Decoration of Property

From concept to realization of interior decoration for model room, sales center of residential real estate, villas, luxury apartments, high-end apartments. Improve the quality of people's living and working environment with high-quality design, consulting and supporting services.

B. Hotel & Resort Decoration

Integrating the elements of architecture, interior design, geographical features, cultural of the star rated-hotel

to improve the design of assembly decorated. To provide professional one-stop solutions of design, developed design , production, shipments for hotel accessories and artworks.

C. Commercial Art Display

Let design and service penetrate into people's lives, bring people visual beauty and practicality. 

Detailed Drawings

Refine the size, material, hardware, and installation method of decoration. Functional analysis, spatial analysis to control the functionality and aesthetics. 


Supervision of each production process till delivery. Implementation of quality inspection. Ensure products are and comply with relevant standards such as environmental protection and safety. Ensure product integrity and comply with relevant standards such as environmental protection and safety. 

After Sale

A. EXP Service

B. Training

Manuals in English for installing. Technical guide by email, fax, telephone when you meets some problems of installation, using or adjusting.

C. Warranty

On year guarantee from the date of production. Except the damage artificially, we are responsible for offering or repairing the part during the guarantee period.


Tourism Planning is to integrate resources according to the demand of tourism market. Mainly define the concept positioning, theme image and decoration style of the project through layout plan, functional zoning, tourism routes and equipment selection, etc.

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